Hi there, PSFer (or well conected)!
You can get a 50% discount on the ticket price to the conference
"Insure the Climate - Can Space Contribute?" on October 26!
Just click on the link above and enter promo code: 2001
Feel free to share the code in private messages to friends and 
colleagues, but we organizers request that the code should NOT be 
shared openly on social media.
The main purpose of the conference is to instill HOPE, and to engage 
people in constructive ACTION. Our main speakers cover a wide spectrum 
of approaches to help solve Humanity's joint Climate Challenge:
  • Zeynap Kahraman-Clause: The SHIFT Project. Concrete actions on the 
    ground, based on holistic analysis of the full societal effects of 
    shifting to a post-CO2 society. The focus of SHIFT is on France, 
    but their approach could be a working model also elsewhere.
  • John Hassler: Climate Economics and policy considerations on how 
    to make economic actors really take GHG (Green House Gas) emissions 
    into consideration, primarily via carbon rights trading, or 
    taxation and trade duties. Such policies are now in place for close 
    to a quarter of the global emissions and this share is rising fast.
  • Christer Fuglesang: Insurance/risk mitigation solutions for worst
    case scenarios. A suggestion to be prepared (and well researched) 
    for the potential need of limiting Solar Radiation to cap world 
    temperatures. A Space based solution appears to minimize side 
    effects and reliance on future financing (with its political risk).
The organizers Fuglesang Space Center and Rotary are both non-profit 
organizations and this is a not-for-profit event. Any positive financial 
results from the event will go to the Fuglesang Space Center Foundation 
and the Rotary Foundation.
If you happen to know of potential sponsors, please forward their
contact details to info@rymdcenter.se.
The reason for us to organize the conference is that the information 
presented there has not been available elsewhere in this integrated and 
constructive format.
The information will be made available in other ways afterwards, 
but October 26 is when it starts. With Gordon McInally, Rotary World 
President, as first speaker.
(Rotary: ~46,000 local clubs worldwide)